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Magic Pop Mic™

Long range, up to 60 feet

Removes background noise

Pairs with any phone, tablet, or laptop


Select Lightning Adapter for iPhones

Select Type-C for Android, Galaxy, Laptops

Lightning Cable for iPhone





Hear the Difference for Yourself

Turn volume up for the best experience

"It just makes my videos better, period."

Make your videos stand out with better audio. 

The Magic Pop Mic™ will give your voice a smooth and crisp audio while removing background noise. 

Step up the quality of your videos instantly.

No more screaming into your phone, worrying about your distance, or using any annoying wires or adapters. 

No hassle wireless connection

Simply pair with any phone, tablet, or laptop within seconds. No annoying extra adapters or dongles needed. 

Our smart clip makes this a truly hands-free solution so you can focus on your content creation!

Trusted by Creators Like You

"Although I was skeptical about the product at first, this exceeded my expectations. The sound is outstanding!"

- Caleb from Wisconsin

"I personally never used any other mic but this one is well worth the money. The noise canceling is AMAZING, only thing is if you’re in a loud area you want to keep it kind of close to your mouth to be heard clearly."

- Sami from Los Angeles

"I've recorded hours on it and the battery is still charged and the sound quality is great. I plugged it into my phone and it worked right away without adjusting any settings on the phone. Happy customer.

- Gabriel from Argentina

3 Simple Steps to Better Videos


Plug In Adapter

Simply plug in your Lightning (for iPhone) or Type-C adapter to get started. 


Pair with Microphone

No bluetooth is required. Just tap and hold the power button for 1 second, until the red led light stops blinking.


Use the Touch Controls

Press the power button to mute and unmute. Hold the power button down to turn off the microphone.

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